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The Chanci - Pink Oval Sparkly Magnetic Needle Minder

The Chanci - Pink Oval Sparkly Magnetic Needle Minder

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Embroidery hoop in the photos is 3" for scale.

Would you believe me if I told you that I once found an embroidery needle IN MY SHOE? Have you ever lost a needle and became hyper aware of your movements? Hoping you see it before you feel it? Then this is for you!

Instead of sticking your needle on the couch arm, or the excess fabric of your project, it's stick to this magnet! A needle minder is a set of 2 magnets, with one that is decorative. All you have to do is place a magnet on both sides of your fabric, so that it stays attached to your project without damaging it, and just rest your needle there when you're getting more floss or taking a break.

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