About me

Hi, I'm Sarah. I'm a mother to 3 beautiful cats and live in Petaluma, California. Almost everything is made right in my little house that was built in 1906. I'm the person behind product development, manufacturing, packaging, order filling, and customer service. 

I got into embroidery because I needed a hobby that I could do with a cat on my lap. I started listing my embroideries on Etsy, and after a while (a long while), I started getting requests for kits and embroidery patterns of some of my most popular designs. In March of 2020, I made the life changing Wash Your Fucking Hands kit. It was the right thing at the right time, and it propelled my Etsy to unbelievable heights. 

About a year later, I participated in an Instagram embroidery challenge, called "Stitch this in your style". Each month there would be some sort of prompt/theme, and one month the theme was "nostalgia". My style of embroidery has a lot to do with the word "fuck", and one thing that makes me nostalgic is Lisa Frank. So naturally, I combined the 2 by stitching the word "fuck" in the Lisa Frank font. That design turned out to also be life changing, because there was immediate demand for kits and patterns of it. It gained the attention of an Instagram account with over 2 million followers that were just like me, 30 as fuck. They started buying the kits from me wholesale.

After a while of embroidery and embroidery kits, and with my Lisa Frank "fuck" design being so popular, I dipped my foot into making stickers. I made stickers of my embroidery designs, and also adult versions of stickers I loved as a kid, and they all had to be holographic, of course. I had no idea the sticker loving, millennial, tongue of a sailor niche was as big as it was. Because stickers started to become my most popular items. The Lisa Frank inspired "fuck" sticker turned out to be the best selling item in my entire shop.

Most recently, I just did my first craft fair. It was scary but I did better than I thought! I'm excited to do more this year.